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Smart settings provide professional setting for a new equipment, according to your needs and tasks.

Why do you need SMART SETTINGS?

-Thanks for services of EKTA, choosing a new TV, smartphone, tablet or computer you will always be provided with a specialist consultation who will helps you to do right choice.

-you will be able to fully reveal all the features and functions of the new device and use it on 100% from the first day.

  • in accordance with your interests, needs and activities, specialist of EKTA will offer you optimal option of setting , which save your time and money .
  • opportunity of repeated referral to a specialist for a additional assistance. What the packages of SMART SETTINGS include :
  • Professional check for defects and correct work of new equipment;
  • configuring the device according to the needs of the user;
  • creation of personal accounts, synchronize mobile devices.
  • setting up entertainment and office programs, audio - video players, social networks, archives, cloud storages, et al.
  • anti-virus software
  • activation and online TV set up.

All content is licensed : Megogo, Divan, Oll TV, ESET mobile security, Windows.

Packages options:

Package «Smart settings simple»

Package «Smart settings SMART»

Package «Smart settings universal mini»

Package «Smart settings universal standard»

Package «Smart settings universal maximum»

Package «Smart settings universal mega»